We welcome all the students of Assam who have received the prestigious Anundoram Borooah Award and the Hon’ble CM’s Special Award to this Knowledge Portal which has been specially designed by AMTRON to provide links and references to various educational resources available on the Internet. This portal would be a one stop place to many popular content providers which gives a great value addition to these devices. In addition to the above, AMTRON is also facilitating a Cloud service similar to Dropbox for all the students receiving the awards. This cloud service will enable the devices (Laptop/ Netbook/ Tablet PCs) to sync your files automatically with the cloud thereby keeping a backup of all your important documents, images, videos, etc. in the cloud. So, even if your devices is lost or damaged (hopefully not), your files will still be safe in the cloud. The idea is that when your device is again ready for use, you would just need to connect to the Internet once and your files will automatically be restored to your device in minutes. This feature is made available only to the devices given to you under the award scheme. More educational resources will be added to the Knowledge Portal from time to time so that you can make the best use of your Tablet PC/ Laptop/ Net Book in your pursuit for excellence in education and knowledge.